Collection Development Policy at CSL

A Review Committee Meeting on the development of the Central Secretariat Library was held on April 30, 2003 under the Chairmanship of Joint Secretary Shri K. Jayakumar.  One of the terms of reference of this Review Committee was to examine the collection development and weeding out policy of CSL.  The recommendations of the Review Committee in matters of collection development are as follows :

i). The focus of the collection development is to provide services to the academic community engaged in the studies related to socio-economic and cultural development of India and its States.  Hence, the collection development should focus on the above discipline.  Such collection development would ultimately lead to development of resource center on developmental literature.

ii). CSL should also be converted as a resource center on various reading materials on and about Delhi by building its collection in that sphere.

iii). CSL should strengthen the area study collection by emphasizing its collection policy to select documents on India and its States.  It will also lay emphasis on other Asian countries.

iv). The reference collection of the CSL should be properly built up so as to provide an opportunity to the reader to have current information available through these collections.

v). The biographical collection which has been a useful source in CSL should be strengthened.

vi). In addition, CSL should focus on collecting the Indian and European literature especially of fictional nature so that the Government employees under stress may relieve their tensions by going through such fictional studies.

vii).   CSL should continue to collect literature related to Indian culture and civilization, art and archaeology, music and dance and all other disciplines that are directly connected with the activity of the Department of Culture.

This is a tentative guideline, which is being followed for purchase of reading materials at CSL 

A well established Book Selection Committee consisting of former Librarians, subject experts drawn from University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institute of Public Administration and IGNCA makes extensive selection of books in different subject fields and adheres to the guidelines. While the preliminary selection of books are done by the Director, CSL and reference books, books on library and information science, Information Technology related books, biographies are out rightly purchased by CSL with the approval of the Bureau Head, the books on other subjects are submitted to subject experts for their view.

Collection Development Policy at TSL

TSL was established in 1974 to commemorate Goswami Tulsidas’s Centenary Birthday and is presently located in the complex of National School of Drama at Bahawalpur House, New Delhi. Its collection of reading materials is in Hindi, Sanskrit, and all other regional languages mentioned in the 8th schedule of the Constitution. The collection of books are in the field of literature, language, drama, poetry, literary criticisms, biographies, bibliographies, Indian culture and traditions, education, Indian History, mythological epics and other subjects close to the development of India available in different languages. In addition, it has large number of newspapers and periodicals in different vernacular languages. As of now it has a collection of 1.9 lakh volumes and also has thousands of rare books under Gaikwad Oriental Series, and Kasivur Series covering various classical aspects having both sacred and secular components.

The TSL is one of its own kind in Delhi and very much closer to the collections available at Sahitya Akademi except that SA concentrates only on literature and language materials in different languages, and TSL holds its collection on all most every possible subjects which could be useful for present day environment for users and also for posterity. None of the Libraries in Delhi has such unique collection in different constitutionally approved languages.

A well-established and duly constituted Book Selection Committee exists and is in existence since its inception. Sahitya Akademy who passes list of such experts to TSL are being nominated as an expert of the BSC and the competent authorities at DOC have been approving the same.  These experts are of high repute in their own language and there is well-established guidelines on the selection of books in different languages covering the subjects mentioned above. Therefore the policy of the TSL has been to invite the experts and requests them to select books on the subjects mentioned above.

It is also important to inform that books for TSL are being purchased from the Non-Plan Grant and this practice is prevailing for so many years. The total allocation on purchase of books in Plan and Non-Plan is to the tune of Rs. 80 lakhs and it is only this year that expenditure on TSL has been un-precedented in comparison to previous years and reasons have been explained above.